VOBK 2022 taking place on 9 and 10 April 2022

Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 April the VOBK will take place in Mechelen’s City Theatre.

Sections C and A on Saturday, Sections D and B on Sunday.

The set works are the same as planned for 2020:

Section A:

composer: Simon Van Hoecke
title: Goldhorn Overture
publisher: www.bandpress.be

Afdeling B:

composer: Mike Sheppard
title: Spider’s Web
publisher: www.halleonard.com

Afdeling C:

composer: Steven Verhelst
title: Gala Overture
publisher: www.stevenverhelst.com

Afdeling D:

composer: Nick Van Elsen
title: Echo
publisher: www.bvtmusic.be

VOBK 2021 will not take place

UPDATE: The championship foreseen for 17-18 April 2021 will not take place. It is logistically not feasible to organise this event within the given health rules.

We are very sorry about this, but in the light of the current COVID-19 developments and several restrictions put in place by national governments, the championship cannot go ahead as planned.

We hope to be back with a VOBK in 2022. We will inform you of the date from the moment it is set!