VOBK 2022 - Vlaams Open Brassband Kampioenschap
Lemca Mechelen RoGa Percussion

Registration deadline extended to 31 January 2022

Given the health situation we have decided to move the deadline for registration to 31 January 2022.

We hope by then we will have an outlook on a less restricted springtime.

It will most probably not be an easy event to organise; this being said we do not see any problem in organising the event in a safe manner. At the time of writing, we have 10 bands registered; we’d like to see the double…

What we do realise is that for foreign (non-Belgian) bands the sanitary situation causes extra challenges to make the trip to Belgium. However, we do think we still have a good event with a nice concept.

We do not impose a big piece, only a short one. You can freely choose the rest of your programme. This will come in handy when planning your rehearsal time.

You can decide in which section you participate.

You will receive a qualitative report by a professional jury team which can help your band to further develop.

Our championship does not require strict registrations. This has as consequence that should a band member fall ill, it would be no problem to replace this person.

Read all other information in the rules of the championship.

You can Register here. If we have to cancel the VOBK 2022, we will refund all registration fees.