VOBK 2022 - Vlaams Open Brassband Kampioenschap
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The championship's rules for 2022

These rules aim to create a clear framework for the Flemish Open Brass Band Championship (VOBK). These rules originally were drawn up in Dutch. The Dutch version is the only binding version. This English version is a courtesy translation for your information.


The VOBK 2022 will be organized in four different sections:

Admission to the sections

Only brass bands playing on a brass band standard set of instruments will be admitted to the contest. See ‘Composition of the participating brass band’.

Registration: every participating brass band has to deposit a list of the brass band members and the conductor. This registration list needs to be sent to office @ vobk . org (without spaces) no later than one week before the competition.

The list of musicians and conductor contains:

This list has to be complete, if not, the list cannot be accepted.

Musicians are not allowed to play with more than one brass band in the same section. Musicians are not allowed to play more than one different brass instrument, unless the score requires otherwise. A brass instrument player can however complete the percussion section of the band.

Conductors are not allowed to play an instrument neither with the brass band which s/he conducts, nor with a brass band within in the same section.

Rehearsals will not be allowed in the contest hall.

There will be a warm-up room available.

The organization has the right to classify a band in another section than they have registered for. This judgement could e.g. be made on the basis of the difficulty level of the programme or past results in other competitions.

Composition of the participating brass band

A maximum of 35 musicians are allowed, percussion included. The composition includes soprano cornet, cornet, tenor horn, flugel horn, euphonium, baritone, trombone, bass trombone, Eb bass, BBb bass and percussion.

Only in section C and D a small aberration of the number of musicians will be allowed.

Date and place of the Flemish Open Brass Band Championship 2022


Voor alle afdelingen wordt de deelnemingsvolgorde per lottrekking bepaald.

Slagwerkmateriaal ter beschikking

Ten einde de opstel- en afbraaktijden van de brassbands te beperken, stelt het VOBK volgend slagwerkmateriaal ter beschikking:

Scheme of the Flemish Open Brass Band Championship

Order of participation and drawing lots

The order of performance of the bands will be determined by a draw.

Available percussion instruments

To limit the transition time between two brass bands, the following percussion instruments will be at the participating brass bands’ disposal:

Each participating brass band has to provide any extra percussion instruments. Should a participating brass band have special wishes: they can contact RoGa percussion before 1 March 22. The costs are to be paid by the participating band.


The Flemish Open Brass Band Championship counts on an international and impartial team of adjudicators, from which judgement no appeal shall lie. The adjudicators shall not be enclosed and will guarantee a smooth working of the Flemish Open Brass Band Championship.

For 2022, the adjudicators are:


Each performance may have a maximum duration of:

The transition time between two bands may amount to a maximum of 7 minutes. Each band must be ready to start within 7 minutes after its predecessor leaving the podium. This timing shall be watched and violations may result in loss of points.

The band’s programme shall consist of the following components:


In each section, prizes will be awarded to the first three bands. The organizing committee can award substantial prizes. Details about the prizes will be made known by the organizing committee during the competition weekend.


For each of the performed works, the brass band shall send in three scores to the organizing committee via the contact address not later than 1 March 2022. Bands coming from outside the European Union have to contact office@vobk.org in order to discuss the sending of scores.

The organizing committee is responsible for the performing rights. Each participating band is responsible for being in order with further copyrights. If the participating brass band does not want to run the risk, it can work only with original scores or it can try to get an agreement in writing from the composer or publisher to copy the score, arguing that it concerns a brief and once-only application on behalf of adjudicators.


Each performance will be quoted on 100 points.

Concerts in the city

To promote brass band music, the organizing committee will organize a few band stand concerts in the city centre of Mechelen. If any band is interested to perform such a small public concert, it should please signal this to the organizing committee.

Practical matters

Eating, drinking and accommodation

Mechelen has a lot on offer. Please contact office @ vobk . org (without spaces) for more information.